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September 29, 2005


Robin P

OY! I remember the transition from private pre-school (nursery and Pre-K)to public kindergarten. What a difference. I HATED IT!!!

Pre-school was 3 teachers for 25 kids----hugs and snuggles for all. Kindergarten was cold. Lillianna's teacher clearly hated children!!
I went back to the owners of the pre-school and told them they needed to offer a deprogramming for the parents after we left their school. It is a shock to go from warm and cuddly to cold and impersonal. They are a married couple,close to my age,(The husband's mom owns the dancing school that Lillianna goes to)and they agreed. The wife had trouble transitioning her kids into public school too!!

Now,in 2nd grade,Lillianna's teacher is awesome. This is the first great teacher in 3 years!!

School is hard.....for the parents.


I also have kids in elem. school and some of the rules are a bit ridiculous IMO.

I have talked to my kids teachers to let them know how my kids feel in school, (2nd grader has a class that doesn't like to listen, so the teacher has to yell) My son doesn't like that, so I went to talk to her, explained that he is sensative and that the noise from the kids, her yelling just stresses him out. She along with the other teachers in the 2nd grade are doing something different this year (think that the whole 2nd grade is being a problem).
I wish you the best.


The no touch thing...so sad :( Isabelle loves the hugs and back pats that her daycare provider gives her.

On the kindergarten note...I was very much like your daughter...I felt that I didn't NEED to go to Kindergarten...and that made me not want to go. My parents were of course old school and just said, um..too bad. :)

let me know if you ever need to vent!!


my sons were exactly the same 3 weeks ago, a couple of daycare veterans wailing and crying and "I don't want to go to school"-ing every morning. I tried to comfort them, stayed as long as I could in the classroom with them, talked, explained but nothing worked. every. morning. a sob fest. I could not rely on the teachers. there are 25 other kids in there. I know it. and then this doctor told me this. she said that after years and years of staying home and taking care of them, maybe it was time to help them let go of me a little. she suggested I told my kids I had an appointment I could not be late for. every morning. to act a little distant, not cold, but certainly not as if they could actually think I could stay with them the whole time. I felt so guilty. but I was willing to give it a try. and. it. worked. magically. miraculously. since that very day, my kids now are happy to go to school, and as I leave, I am blessed with two gigantic smiles and "see you later mommy!".


The no touch thing is very hard. I used to do after school care through the YMCA, with kids from age 5 to age 13. Some of the little ones got dropped off at 7 or 8 am and picked up at 6. I let them sit on my lap or hold my hand, and gave them a hug when they got hurt. One of the directors took me aside once and told me that "for my own good" she had to ask me to stop allowing physical contact with the kids.

I told her that I was sorry, that I thought they needed comforting sometimes, and that since child care was not going to be my life-long career (I was off to college soon to start other things), that I would take the professional risk.

Kids need to learn that there are good touches and bad touches, not that all physical contact is negative.


Poor little thing.

I hope it is just a transition thing and that there's not something else going on. Who knows, maybe one of the other little kids is being kind of mean to her for some reason. Or maybe something is going on on the bus, if she takes one. I don't mean something big, just some of that kid-transition stuff everybody has to learn to deal with.

Hope it gets better soon.


I do think the no touch thing is sad, I don't even think it's necessary. Ben's K teacher sent home a note last week and in it she said we all need a hug sometimes and to let her know when he needed one. That made me feel so good, because ben's very touch kind of kid.

I'm sorry she's unhappy, I hope it gets better soon :)


My day care veteran son has had a rough time. Doesn't mind kindergarden but really complained about extended day, he wants to ride the bus home too. This week - week 4 - things have gotten significantly better. Hang in there. It is sooooooooo hard to see them unhappy.

Maria (mom to 3 - my first in K this year!)


I hated Kindergarten too. I hope it gets better soon!

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