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September 20, 2005



I've kept all my kids teeth but then again, I do keep fossils in my house! LOL! I have a bunch of rocks that have fossils in them...really.
Karen, I must have a sick sense of humor because that Lucite idea is actually appealing to me.....
But I do agree, Emma, that a necklace is just to icky!


I saved their first one. I told my kids that the tooth fairy takes the first tooth a child looses and uses it to make her crowns. They all remember that. Cheesy yes, but it worked. They have little tooth boxes and when it's time, I give them the boxes for them to save other little keepsakes in.


I have all mine (or I did, I might have lost them!) If you have a sick sense of humor, wait until she has lost them all, and then have them encased in Lucite - it's a paperweight and a conversation piece!


My mom still has our teeth... I got a 'Motherhood' box from her which will store my children's teeth. I don't care what they do with them later, I'm going to want them!


My mum kept all my teeth in a little ivory coloured box - I really hope it's not ivory.

I hope she never gives it to me as it's just too weird. I also hate the thought of having teeth made into jewellery.

But I'm a bit squeemish.

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