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October 08, 2005



You were ready and the time was right. I'm so pleased that its working for all of you. We lasted 18 months with Kellan in our bed, but now that he's in his own room, we're all sleeping much better. And I love being able to go into our bedroom after 8pm again without fear of waking the baby. Hope that all continues well with Justin in his own room.


hah! you are brilliant. what a great post. i posted about this and your blogpost on rage over at crazedparent. great stuff Lana!

gina L

You are a wise woman! It is your job to take control. Good job letting everyone win!
My goodness you are in Phuket, Thailand. God bless you and your home. I hope you are all healing from your terrible disaster. What is the Thai theory on ghosts. What beliefs are there as far as ghosts are concerned after the Tsunami?

Wicked Stepmom

LOL... we had a similar dilemma after we had our first born. I was expecting him to room in with us for 6 months (tops) but hubby wanted him out after 8 weeks. Not for sex, mind you, but because my husband was going through withdrawal over not being able to watch the big screen tv which he INSISTS on keeping in the bedroom.

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