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October 11, 2005


Miss Knitty

Oh my god, that was so beautiful! It's a cheesy tradition, but sometimes, our lives go to that Movie Of The Week place, and cheesy is the only appropriate response...and it doesn't feel too cheesy at the time. I'm so glad for you and your little girl that things are okay.


I just wrote a thank you note to my son's surgeon. I send one every year on his birthday (3 open heart surgeries in 2 years - now a wonderfully impish 4-yr old). Having a sick child is soooo hard - but I wouldn't give it up. It really has made much more aware of how lucky I am to have everyone I have because am I'm sure you've seen, there's always someone who has a tougher story.

Thank you for a wonderful post. I'm glad both your children are doing well!


Wow, very emotional. Your post is happy, sad, funny, and wonderful. I'm thankful you shared it with us.


Go on and say it! Say "I'm thankful for our family." Your family has been through such a difficult time and in this situation, that is definitely NOT cliche, because you truly and sincerely mean it. What a wonderful offer of thanks.


I love this post, it says so much so simply. Thanks for the reminder.

amy h

What a touching post. I can't begin to imagine what this year must have been like for you. I don't even let myself imagine it most of the time because it is too scary for me to consider. I appreciate you reminding me what I have to be thankful for.


I admire you. I can only hope that if anything ever arises in my life like that, that I will be HALF as strong as you.

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