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October 10, 2005



What a lovely thing to read about your husband. My partner said he would never marry, we have been together 11 years and he saved my life by getting me to hospital in time and bullying the doctors, years later I did the same for him, he has survived 3 jump starts in theatre and he is the best thing ever to happen to me, has made me realise I am loved, cared for and even when I turn over in my sleep and flail about, and klobber him, he wakes up in the morning and tells me he loves me. Last year he proposed when in a white light moment his long dead grandmother told him to get back to his wife, he told her he hadn't got one, and she told him to get back there and put that right. I love him more each day and make sure that in every phonecall or when I go out that is the last thing I say to him, so if anything ever happens and I don't make it home, he will know how I feel for him. No-one understands him, he is bossy, domineering and drives everyone mad. My friends think I am a saint to put up with him, but he loves me unconditionally, and who can ask for more than that. We have been through some pretty rough stuff and yet we are strong, no-one can get in between us. The games that people play don't work with us.


so nice Jo. That is all I can say.


I could have written this same post about Axel. We are going on 7 years married in a couple months. It has been anything but easy, but still the best thing that has ever happened to me and my older girls. They never had a real dad until Axel came along. He has stuck with me through some seriously hard shit and I will stick with him through his shit too. We love each other, truly for better or worse.


How blessed you all are! I feel this way about my husband all the time -- he stepped into my life where I already had 3 children...and he took them on as his own. The BEST thing to ever happen to us, too :)


Jo, that is a great look at your husband.

Robin P

Marriage is so "easy" when nothing is going wrong. It's quite a different matter when life sneaks in.
Sometimes it is really difficult to hang in there but that is what marriage is all about.....when you're in love.

In my opinion,Rich's step-mom married his dad because they both had teenagers that would be out of the house in a few years. Soon after they got married,they were in a bad car accident and Rich's dad had a heart attack and a stroke. He was 50.

In 1994,months before we got married,Rich's dad needed a quadruple bypass. He promised to dance at our wedding and he did.thank G-d.
The next few years found him in and out of the hospital for one thing or another. His "lovely" wife always seemed to be on vacation when he was in the hospital. Long story short: because he was sick,he wasn't the traveling buddy she was hoping for.

She thought they would travel and do fun things all the time but he was sick. She didn't seem to be in love with him and clearly didn't want to take care of him.That is no marriage. He deserved more. I wish he had gotten it.

No spouse is perfect. Half the time I admit that I could never be married to me.Rich drives me nuts sometimes but we are the right fit.
We've gone through a lot of loss and pain.We even survived a 6 month separation 2 1/2 years ago. We are just "meant to be" that's all there is to it.
For better or for worse....sometimes people actually mean it when they say,"I do!" Obviously you and your husband took that seriously too. That is what a great marriage is made of.

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