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October 06, 2005



I went to this parenting thing that was mandatory because of the divorce. It said that you can't control what your co-parenting partner (yeah, love that lingo) does at their own house. That may be true...but I should be able to...RIGHT?

:) You're my hero!!


Awww...at least you still have your sense of humor ;)


Is it okay to say I was laughing WITH you? I have a son who does the same sort of thing, always testing the boundaries to see if they really exist. Thankfully he is cute ;-)

Robin P

I was having an anxiety attack reading this post. Wow! I have seen kids like this and I always been grateful that Lillianna wasn't like that. I think I'd be behind bars.

My friend was a nanny when I was 25 and she took care of a kid who was like this all the time. No cuteness or endearing qualities. Just torture!! He was 4 years old.

I didn't know much about handling children back then so when I was in the bathroom and he continued to shut the light off and put it on and shut it off and put it on....I finally yelled,"CAMERON!!!! If you do that again I will kill you!" He sobbed,"Kill me? Like dead?" I said,"YES!!!" He stopped. When I came out he was sobbing at the door. "Kill me? Dead? Like my grandpa who is dead?" Damn! I didn't realize how much words could hurt. I sat him down and explained that I didn't mean it, it was an expression and I apologized.
Raising kids or even visiting with them can drive you to the brink of insanity at times.
Good for you for being able to handle this.
A big pat on your back for sticking to your "no dessert" punishment. Most parents would've caved!
You sound like such a wonderful mom.


Please forgive me for laughing - but really it's with you. My almost 4 year old (and middle child) is going to be like that. This kid has a life threatening heart defect, has been through 3open heart surgeries and I regularly struggle between laughing at him and wanting to throttle him at the same time. He's so darn cute and such a brat.

Hang in there and don't cave on the dessert!


My son already tests me like this, and he's not even 2! Well, not this exact way - in the street - because, after all, he's not even 2, but the point is: do you mean to tell me it doesn't get better? LOL


See? He's actually a cute little baby seal.
Make a rug outta him!


You are going to laugh, but it's absolutely true: he did all three.


Three questions (which stem from the fact that my kids constantly "forget" my requests but NEVER forget when I make a "promise" of sweets, TV or assorted privileges):
Did he behave the next day? Did he ask for dessert again? Or did he just pretend the whole thing never happened?

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