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October 27, 2005



Hahaha, this looks like so much fun. I think this is such a nice outpouring of love for your daughter. I wish I had talents like yours. :)


What a fun fun party! Over the top? Isn't that what being two is all about?? I did an over the top Safari party for Sean's 1st birthday, but this year we are going to do a more low-key family only thing. Do I use my work skills at home? I'm an interior designer, so Sean's room is over the top Safari Fabulous. The rest of the house, not so much. Let me just say there are a lot of plastic things around here!


hello: I am another kindred spirit! I am not type A in general but as a mom I am..and I let out all my creative energy in everything I do for my kids. My son is only 1...so not much for him...but my daughter is 8 and I have done a theme party for her every year (except the 1st), with a few done out but even then I add my own touches. I did a similar theme for her 3rd, only we did it as a "castle carnival" theme. we did our then empty family room up: covered the walls in grey fabric to make it look like castle walls. my dh painted castle scenes (he is a great artist) and he made a little play castle using a giant box, covering it with grey fabric. we STILL have it. we also had an animal show and a face painter. my brother & SIL came as jesters and juggled. I could go on and on. every year I really tend to details. at age 5, and then 7 and 8 and on the parties are always her idea. I did it on my own again for her 7th, a "witch school party." we used my parents clubhouse. I don't want to take up too much space, but if you want to know more details or see photos of what I have done, e mail me and I will happily tell you!

PS: good luck. I LOVE your theme. are you telling the kids to come dressed as fairies?? I read in a magazine once how one of the kennedys threw a fairy party for one of thier girls and had all the attendees wear fairy costumes.


I kind of went nuts one year for my daughter - I paid to have a pony brought to our suburban back yard for rides, plus a mini-petting zoo (small animals like bunnies and chickens and a tiny pig) plus face painting. It was kind of over the top (the price sure was) but she was really surprised! She was afraid that her party was going to be boring when she found out that we wouldn't have a moon bouncer. The kids showed up for the party and were just hanging out in our living room when one of them looked out the window into the backyard and noticed small animals - it was fun to surprise them all.

But you definitely can't do that every year, and our second kid is definitely getting the shorter end of the stick. Lack of time. Too many demands.

On the opposite end, I went for a bowling birthday party for our daughter this year. The easiest party we've done yet. The bowling place did everything except for provide the cake and candles. Let's hear it for EASY parties!


Uh, no. But I'm very, very far from a type-A mom. And, not to be crass, but mentally calculating the cost of that party makes me kinda want to throw up. And wonder what you're going to do once she's actually aware of the party and expects you to top last year's extravaganza.

I'm all about the contracting out. Ballerina party at the dance studio....Play party at the local habitrail establishment...cosmic bowling....

And in our family, you don't get a party unitl you're a whole hand old. (becaue that's about when I can't keep this particular cultural event a secret from them any more).

Enjoy your party (and your planning). It certainly does sound fabulous.


I wish I could say I was as entusiastic and involved with my son's party--but, alas, I just order pre-made decorations and b-day party gifts-- buy a box of bubbles, set up a play area, and let the kids run wild. It is all I have time and energy for.

Hope the party is a blast...


have fun, laurijon, because once the second one comes along, even we type-a mothers buy a cake from the piggly-wiggly and call it a day.

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