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October 09, 2005



I never got into Wonder Woman. In fact, I can't think of a person I looked up to other than Roger Clemens. I wanted to BE Roger Clemens...(and then later in life, I wanted to be Roger Clemens' wife...) I was/am/will always be, a tomboy. Do I have times when I actually look presentable and girlie...yeah. Will Isabelle be doomed forever into loving baseball and boy things like I did...maybe...:)


Heck, I STILL want to be Wonder Woman! ;) And I think being "just a girl" is just fine. It seems like people try to label everything and when things don't fit any particular label all of a sudden the balance of the universe is off. *eyeroll* It sounds like you just let your daughter be a kid whether it's a boyish girl, girlie girl, or anything else. I think that's great.


I wanted Wonder Woman underoos as a child. :)


Well said. I have a thing for Wonder Woman too. ;)

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