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October 13, 2005



I've done that before and it is one of the most liberating, amazing things you can do for yourself. It helps you to redefine who you are and recharge the batteries. Good for you! We all need to take "me" days once in a while.

Robin P

I've never done anything like that.
It sounds like so much fun.
Now that I think about it,other than working all weekend,I've never been away from Lillianna,
Well that's something to think about.


Oh that sounds like a wonderful weekend! I haven't had much of a chance for my inner-me to come out the last few months. Moving to a new city has narrowed my life into wife/mother. We're heading back to DC in a couple of weeks to visit friends and while Miss Pink will be in tow, there will be chances for my inner me to come out and play.


That sounds like a wonderful weekend away. I've never been as brave yet (and Kellan is still nursing), but the moms in our play group do a monthly night out where the five of us get to dress up, giggle, gossip, talk about work, talk about husbands, and just be ourselves (rather than "moms") for the evening. I look forward to this date every month!


Oh I how I love to let Bethany (the non-wife, non-mom) come out and play every now and again! Isn't it refreshing? :-D


I think that's the perfect description - we don't lose our former selves from the pre marriage and baby days - that person just goes into hibernation until needed. We just need to remember to bring her out more often so we don't feel martyred.


I can remember feeling that way as well. I can say however that seeing Isabelle at the airport when I got home was always the best part. The way her eyes lit up....and the realization that I HAD missed her but HAD had that opportunity to "get away" was just astounding for me :)

Good for you!!!

Wicked StepMom (a.k.a. Cathy)

Good for you! We all need to remember the woman that lies inside us behind the veils of motherhood and marriage - and to let her come out and play ever now and then!

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