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October 13, 2005


Robin P

When Lillianna and I are snuggling I always ask her,"Do you know who I love more than you?" She smiles at me and says,"Ya.....nobody!" I hug her and say,"Well how did you know that?" and she says,"That's what you always say."

I guess it's kind of goofy but I always like saying it and she liked hearing it.

When Lillianna goes to sleep,sometimes I rub her arm or head. When I want to take a nap,she'll say,"Lie down,Mommy," and she rubs my head. You can't beat that!


Everynight after i've read to Ibelle and put her to sleep and given her goodnight kisses...as I'm walking out the door...we always say the same things to one another:

Me: Night Ibelle
Her: Nuh night mama
Me: Have a good night
Her: Have a good night
Me: See you in the morning
Her: See you in the morning mama
Me: I love you
Her: I U mama...VERY much!

jason berggren

That's a good way to wake. I love your family tradition you're created.

Danielle Andrews

Hi Andrea,

Nice post. My daughter just turned two and I've learned that she learns so very quickly! Good and Bad.

We've taught her a lot of good things. She says, please and thanks and "yelcome."

Unfortunately she also bites and pinches and says the word F*&@. We've taken all sorts of actions against it including ignoring her. She gives herself timeouts now when she says it, but she knows it's a sore spot for us so she still uses it in dire circumstances.

Recently, we introduced her to winney the pooh. She adores him. Pooh likes to say, "Oh, bother." So now when she says the F word I ask her, "what would pooh say?" She laughs and knows just what I mean. "Oh, bother."

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