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October 29, 2005



It was quite obvious that my daughter, Annabel, understood everything that was going on around her from the time she was about 12 months old; however, she really didn't say anything we could understand until she was almosy 2-1/2. This kid could run the week she turned 9 months, outclimb most 3-year olds at the playground, and kept out of the kitchen until she was 2 (because we couldn't keep her off the kitchen table or from climbing the cupboards...). She just turned 3, can recite her phone number, counts to 20, knows her colors, recognizes most letters, can almost spell her name, and loves to talk on the phone. You seem to know exactly what to do! And I sure wish I would have learned sign language...


My son is a "slow talker" too. I always tell people that he balances out his mommy who talks too much! LOL. They all do everything in their own time, whether we obsess and worry about it or not!


Sounds to me like she's right on track for 18 months. And I agree about the developmental priorities, they all seem to do it their own way and in their own time, but I have yet to meet a three year old who won't talk your ear off.

Lilith was walking at 10 months. My guy didn't walk until 15 months. However, at 20 months old he can talk down the house and when there's nobody to listen, he sits in his room reading books out loud to himself. He still can't jump and doesn't climb very well. Physically he is always behind on the "milestones", but verbally he's well ahead of the pack. Lilith will get there. In her own time. And until then, enjoy the relative peace!

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