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October 30, 2005



I'm very glad for you (and Kate) that she was able to be so sanguine about the loss of her friend. Unfotunately, our experience in this are has been a little different. I was just ranting to a friend this weekend actually that Sabrina seems to make friends with the kid who moves in November *every year*. She still talks about missing Naomi, who moved last year around this time, and came home in tears on Friday because her new best friend, Kelly, announced she was moving. This weekend she put all her Kelly dolls away because "it hurt too much to play with them."


It amazes me that children sometimes shrug off weighty issues like that and then other times they're consumed by worries that they shouldn't have to shoulder. Now that kids have easier access to news and current events, they seem to be more aware of the bigger picture sometimes. It was really eye-opening to see how worried and afraid children were after 9/11 based on the information they picked up on. It's also unfortunate that we can't shield them from it a little longer.

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