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November 19, 2005



Mindy I love this! I will have to repeat this to my children since they are pointing out that my belly is still big 7 weeks postpartum.


Thanks for giving all of us a wonderful perspective! This is why your book is going to be totally awesome :)


Awesome - very well put Mindy!


Now if only I could get my husband to see it that way! Thanks for a really lovely post to be shared with well loved mommies everywhere.


Thank you so much! This is so awesome and I will (should) read it often! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and your family!


What a reat story! I love that :) It actually makes me love my body even more than before...


Definitely beautiful. Thank you for writing this.


Great post! I don't know if I could use it, lol, cause my belly was fatter before! But those stretch marks--well... might work there. But what a wonderful way to teach your kids about acceptance, love and life-- thy will all grow up all the better foor it.


Mindy, that was amazing! Thank you for that. I'm linking yourstory in my blog for all my people to enjoy. Take Care, -T

by the way I have TWO c-section scars and now you've given me hope to just accept my body the way it is. a beautiful reminder of my babies!


Perfect post, Mindy! This is something I'll definitely refer back to on the days when I'm not feeling to warmly towards my body and I need a self-esteem boost. Thank you!


What a lovely way to look at the changes your body goes through. Well written as always.


WONDERFUL, wonderful post! :-) And don't you just LOVE the very first part of the morning. My little guy cuddles right up next to me, squirming his little arms around my neck. My husband might even pull the covers up to our necks and throw and arm around us too.

Ahhh... it is wonderful. A great start to any day. Even when I DON'T want to get up.


Mindy I know you've touched every Mom out there with this post.

The Lemonade Connection

Mindy, I've been quietly in the back of the room eavesdropping on your blogs for a while now. I've read of your travels, of your kids antics...your way of blending ex-husband, boyfriend and work..knitting it all together with your off-spring. But of all that I've read, NOTHING has touched me more, than this piece. I am moved. I am happy. I feel validated as a momma with a woman's body. You wrote that so incredibly well, that I had to tell you the impact of your words on my soul...even from the back of the room, where I usually sit making not a sound. ;)


Thanks, Mindy. You made my day! :)


Beautifully written. Thank you.

Robin P

I had tears pouring down my face after the first few sentences.
What a great post.


Wow. I've never had that conversation with my children, but I've had it with myself. Of course, you expressed it so much more beautifully than I ever could.

What a beautiful post, Mindy.


I have tears in my eyes.

mr. X

That was beautiful...



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