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November 17, 2005



I wanted to put in a request.

I am a successful daycare provider and have been for twenty years. I have decide to write several books to help other daycare providers on improving their childcare business. My first book will be simple since this is a new road for me and I wanted to do something that I know would be of absolutly be valuable for either parents or childcare providers. I've decided the first would be on simple activities that really hold kids atttention, have real value and have long term results. Most of these activities have little to do with items that are purchased and more to do with items that most of us already own. Over twenty years I have learned what types of activities hold childrens attention for long periods. It is not the item itself that does this but the set up and support given to certain type of play. All are education and help develop creativity.

My request is that although I have knowlege of hundreds of these activities already I want to research if other parents have had similar results. I would also like to carry some other ideas then my own in the book. I would like to have parents send me short articles or pictures of activities they found that held their childrens attention over long periods of time. How would you suggest I advertise this?

Thannks, Christina

Alice H

I'm a slackeriffic parent too, and my 3-year-old son can draw people, cats, fish, etc. - to the point where they are recognizable. But he can't put on his own shirt or shoes, and he has a really hard time cleaning his room. And no matter how many times we've tried, he can't write or recognize any letters other than T or O. And when he spells his first name (four letters), he always leaves off the first letter. And then insists that it spells 'Mommy'.

They all learn what they want when they want to. Some things are just going to be less appealing than others.


It can be very hard to let them go at their own pace... But later you do realize it was OK :) Great essay!

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