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November 12, 2005



Crazy as it sounds, whenever someone asks me how old my daughter is, my first reply is 4. She's actually 9. But in my mind for some reason, I guess I DID freeze her at 4. This despite the fact that she was not yet actually out of her Terrible Twos - ha! But I assure you, the giggles and such continue if you remember to remember they are still just children, even at 7, 9, 11...and 15!


We had our first snow of the season this morning, and when my two-year-old daughter came down the stairs, her eyes were wider than I'd ever seen, and in her happiest sing-song voice she said, "Mommy, daddy, there is snow on the cars, there is snow on the houses... it's snowing. I need to go outside. I need to play in the snow right now."

I wanted to bottle that moment because I knew that in about an hour she'd be kicking and screaming about not wanting to come in the house for breakfast, and she'd pull my hair and give me that evil look that says I'm a horrible mother for not letting her stay outside in 20-degree weather with 40-knot winds without breakfast.

Without moments like this morning, I'm convinced that no one would make it past the age of two.


My 16 year old son still hugs me and he still says "I love you, Mom" at the end of every cell phone call. He even does it when he's with his friends. Of course, we argue about everything else, but we know we love each other.

My 9 year old is a nut. He's still drawing pictures of the "World's Greatest Mom" and hanging them on my refrigerator (not some other woman's - which I do find promising for our future relationship). He also looked at me about a month ago and said "Do they not have sarcasm in YOUR world, Mom?" Never was a mother so proud...he's learning quickly. :)

Of course, I really did like 4. Actually from 2 - 5 are my very favorite years.


Amy, can you finish that contraption by Saturday?! You had better get to work!


ok, first of all- Say Anything is my favorite movie. Second of all, I agree that four is a great age. I want to pause it too :(


Please let me know if you perfect your invention and also if it will work in the reverse. I have a 5 year old that I wouldn't mind if we went back a year or so.


I am right with you! My son is 10 now, but when he was 4, he was the sweetest most perfect little boy, and still so innocent. Things changed when he turned 5. You are so right, 4 is where it's at. Let me know if you get that time machine going..


I think every age has something special, but with my second child I learned to treasure more of the baby stage than I did with my first.

It sure is fun watching my 3-year-old, though.


Amy, Have no fear! Children grow up and they still say they love you and hug you, no matter what their peers think or say. I am happy to report that my 8 year-old son still wants to give me what he calls "a great big smooch" and tells me that I am "the greatest mom ever". He even hugs me in front of his friends at school. My 11-year old daughter, despite being on the edge of her teenage years, has returned to the days of constant hugging and is actually miffed with me, if I don't stop and return her hugs with equal enthusiasm. She will even select random moments in the car to blurt out "I love you guys!" which still causes my husband to stumble for a moment, wondering if his hearing is indeed working. So I just want to reassure you that while four is indeed wonderful--I do miss those days, that I have found that each year has something special to offer, as well.

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