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November 15, 2005


Chelsea Leis

Indeed, there are several ailments that women usually feel during pregnancy. That list will be useful for pregnant women who find themselves in the same position. I like the tip on maternity clothes. These clothes can help women feel more comfortable during this delicate time, and that can definitely help improve their disposition.

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yeah yeah yeah, all this look like the heaven before fall in the pain hell during the birth, is for that reason that I consent so much to my wife before our first child, I really appreciate her.

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Memberships with Points, so we did that this weekend. (Although after doing Costco the weekend before T-Day, I've decided that's gonna be Bloghungry's job, I'll go back to my laptop and shop for sneakers with Rewards Points purchased Zappos e-cards.)


I find it very interesting to hear these kinds of issues
thanks for sharing


thank you so much with you web site you helped me with my school projected on the joys of pregnacy


Ok thanks God! I am only 11 wks into my first pregnancy and I am so happy to read positive things. I must admit I am puking my head off and I have lost 3 lbs rather than gained but I cannot help but be amazed. I saw my baby in an ultrasound for the first time this weekend. I already feel like I can take on this pregnancy like a warrior. I cannot wait to meet him or her. I day dream about how my baby will smile, what the baby will look and feel like. I love children and to know it is finally time to have my own is so wonderful I want to tear up. The day I feel my baby move I think I will throw a party and run up and down my quiet neihborhood screaming at the top of my lungs with joy!! When I puke it reminds me the little baby growing inside has taken over and I feel all warm inside. Pregnancy ROCKS! Thank you God for my blessing!!

Pregnancy woman

Knowing that you are about to give birth to a new creature is the best feeling.


The thing I love most about being pregnant is the flood of joy that washes over my soul everytime I feel my baby move inside of me. I am so greatful to the Lord that he has blessed my husband and I with the most wonderful gift anyone could ever receive: the gift of life; and eternal life in Christ Jesus. God bless you all and your little ones.

Cal Vic, Australia

I LOVE the giving birth side of being pregnant.I LOVED being pregnant but birth is the most amazing experience & I actually have to say I feel sorry for men because they will never experience the joy of growing a little human being. ITS AMAZING!!!

I have had 3 children each labour progressed in time. 8hours No1, 3hours No2 & 2hrs No3. All drug free labours. By goodness does it HURT, that pain you feel with every contraction knowing you will only get a brief break between contractions, but knowing that their is light at the end of the tunnel (literally!!!!)seems to make things ok. The sensation that overcomes your body & mind. Like when it's time to push, the third time I told the midwife I need to push & she said, "hang on I have to check how dilated you are,
I said, "like crap I want to push", you can not explaing this feeling to anyone only MOTHERS know what I mean & when you want to push you PUSH...With the first push out came little Ellas head crying mind you!!! Then the second push out she flew. I was standing up right so she actually did fly out with Anne the midwife catching her.
I love thinking about it all again & get very clucky.. Would love to do it again but hubby said, "NO!!!!!!"


There are SO many things to LOVE about being pregnant. I cannot understand women who don't enjoy being pregnant. I can understand if your pregnancy is really hard, but most women I know who have even had difficult experiences have found something wonderful about it. How many times in your life can you say that you did something SO PROFOUND as to continue to human species? How many times can you literally give life to another? I don't believe we are just the "carriers" when we are pregnant - we are helping that child to be created through ever single thing we put into our bodies, our thoughts, experiences, etc. My husband and I helped to create that spark of life, and I literally assisted God in a miracle by helping create this baby! Our society wants women to feel ashamed, by making us wear frumpy clothes, talking about the pains and challenges of pregnancy instead of all the joys, making us feel ashamed if we have children out of wedlock, convincing us to feel 'fat' when we are PREGNANT. And the list goes on. Women - we need to reclaim the power of pregnancy!!


I loved my ultrasounds! I had a particularly difficult pregnancy, so seeing my baby on that screen was the highlight of those 9 months. And I loved it when the ultrasound tech told me over and over how cooperative my little girl was for all the exams. She practically smiled for the camera!!


I loved my husband talking to my belly every morning before work, telling him to "be good to your mother today".

Beast Mom

1. eating a lot.
2. feeling the baby move.
3. eating a lot.
4. ultrasounds - so cool.
5. eating a lot.
6. relating with other women in new way.
7. eating a lot.

~Beast Mom


Frankly, I like a lot more about being pregnant before I read about the foot massages. Now I think each of my pregnancies sucked. Heh.

I looooved the squirmy, turny feelings. I loved the way the baby woke up when the dog barked. I loved being ablt to feel the rump once my tummy developed "corners." I loved the way the baby felt just the same wrapped in a sling as she did in my tummy--same confined sqirming and everything. And I loved finially being able pat her rump for real.


I liked being able to get away with sleeping as much as I wanted to!


I liked feeling the baby move too!

I hear you about the clothes. I had two boys first, then I girl, and after shopping for the boys for 5 years, I began to resent the acres of racks for girls and the one lonely island of selections for boys. I still do, actually! But I am so lucky because I got hand me downs from three different people for my baby girl, and this weekend I took out the 6-9 month stuff. OH MY GOSH! She's going to be the best dressed girl in town. She has an entire velvet SECTION!

Great post. Here's hoping for an enjoyable rest of your pregnancy and a healthy girl :)


Aaaaaah! That was a delicious post! I loved being pregnant. I never looked better, felt better and people were never nicer to me. I loved maternity clothes and strangers touching my belly. One day, when the UPS guy came to the door with some baby thing (I couldn't quit shopping on-line) I even asked him if he'd like to touch my tummy. He was taken aback, but finally aquiesced after a round of "Go on, go ahead, touch it!" from me. I loved eating an avacado every day. What did I love about being pregnant? Everything. Thanks Leslie for prompting me to think about it all again today.


I love the feeling of movement, knowing that the baby's okay. Even if it does feel like an alien's about ready to bust out of my skin some days... :)

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