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November 03, 2005



Man that is SO not age appropraite, eveyone should read about Relational Aggression check out this group and this site - this issue touches so close to my heart! http://www.opheliaproject.org/main/resources_print_ra.htm


Island Jen

That breaks my little heart, partially because i can see my own gentle little boy (also named Nolan) in the same situation. He is surrounded by girls, having an older sister so one day this could be a problem for him too.
When i noticed some older girls being catty to my daughter i confronted them and told them not to be mean to her since she was younger and only wanted to play with them because she thought they were 'cool'. It wasn't necessary to be mean, just tell her 'no thankyou'.
Well, They 'mothered' her around the park for the rest of the day...
sometimes i'm such a medling(sp?) mom.


No advice here.. I do know what you mean though. As a mom of three year old boy/girl twins, I see how different boys and girls are on almost every level. My son and your son should get together and play.. no one would tell them "No boys, we don't like boys!"


No tips - but I've definitely noticed how mean and catty girls can be at my sons' day care. I was talking to our director about it and she told me it's "age appropriate" - sigh. It didn't seem to bother my oldest so much and nothing like that phases #2 son. But, now I have an almost 18 mos old daughter - so tell me - how do I keep her sugar and spice and everything nice (actually, she's not quite sure she's a girl - she prefers her brothers toys to the few dolls that have filtered in...)

Hang in there.


It is extremely hard at any level to break those barriers of cliques, groups, etc. As a high school teacher, I face this day in and day out. Teaching our children young about the goodness of loving everyone is underrated.

Great post!! I enjoyed reading it


I would ask the preschool teacher to help you with it, I think she should step in and at least get the girls to be a bit nicer. This is a time in their life that they are learning how to treat people, they are learning to treat boys poorly because they are different than them, not a very good message. I'm not sure that you will get much help though because people do accept that kind of thing between boys and girls but I can see how kids could easily transfer it into not playing with others for other reasons. I'm sure people would see me as over reacting, but its the start of discrimination. Good luck.

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