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November 13, 2005


gina b

It took me nearly two months JUST to get to this post (Kris and I are on a list together), thanks to the fact that my new kid is only 3 months old (and must be held ALL the time). Kid #1 is nearly 3 and has AT BEST a 5 minute attention span. Can you say, Nursery School, please?? Hubby is trying to get late shift staff job, if he gets it, I'LL GO NUTS with longer days, if not, HE'LL go nuts with a pay cut.

Calgon take me (and all of us) away.


I think everyone feels the same way from time to time, no matter how many children they have. I have a running list of ways I am failing my children running through my head at all times. As well as all the things I *should* do.

I told my husband this afternoon on the phone that this mothering gig isn't all it is cracked up to be sometimes.

Beast Mom

Um, a mom's brain never "heals". Moms are unwitting brain donors. Our kids absorb our intelligence until THEY have kids, and then the cycle continues. Moms are also unwitting energy donors. The kids get more revved up as we get depleted. Unwitting donors I tell you. It's a conspiracy of some sort that I'd like to figure out, but I'm too brain-dead to do so.
~The Beast Mom


Wow - I can't tell you the number of times I felt this way. Great post!


The not being able to finsh a thought thing is what gets me too. Hang in there, you're amazing. :)

Imperfect Mommy


I relate to all of it, especially the husband part b/c I have been having the standard fight with him all weekend long. AHHHHH!


Man, I feel ya. Especially when you have a baby, three is hard. I don't know whether you're looking for suggestions, but the only thing that has worked for me is to work on one room for ten minutes. If I only get one ten minute session done a day, oh well. I get the kids in on it too. "For the next ten minutes we're going to clean Ben's room," or whatever. Hang in there, and remember, you're WONDER mom!


Wonderful post, Kris. We should set up a telephone tree so that every day, we each call one other mother to tell her she's doing a great job and offer a little bit of reassurance. Oh wait, isn't that why we blog in the first place?


So who gave you permission to tap my phone and listen in on my conversations (lamentations?)? I had this same conversation -- minus the baby part -- with my best college buddy recently. Sometimes it all feels overwhelming. But, on the bright side, you're still conversing in full sentences.


I so relate to this conversation.

amy h

Toughest job there is. Great post.

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