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November 10, 2005



I can't tell you how relieved I am, even if semi-, about another mother's six-year-old daughter having a crush on a boy at such a tender age. I discovered her crush when exchanging her diary note pad with a new one. She always talked about kids in her class liking other kids, who would "hold hands", who is the boyfriend/girlfriend of so-and-so, and who "loves" her. Until the diary, I thought it was made up but now, I feel apprehensive, if not scared. She's in to her looks now (Heaven forbid it's sticking up somewhere even if it's a small perky tendril), she has to look in the mirror now to see how her clothes fit, and she does get shy in front of her friends at school when I bend to hug and kiss her good-bye. Well, maybe your husband is right: the new six-year-old is TEN!

Imperfect Mommy

My little girl is not even 4 and has a huge crush on a kindergarten boy at her preschool. She so desperately wants to invite him to hir birthday party, and I don't know what to do. Sad to say, but I don't think a five year old boy's boy takes much time to talk with the three year old girl's girl.


Boy, do I feel relieved! This is the exact same issue I face, too. My daughter rolls her eyes, wants to look pretty for the boys, and gets embarassed when I hug her. How did this happen? We want so much for our kids to stay the same long enough for us to catch up. I don't think we ever will!


I would love to know the answer to this, too. Isn't this what *every* parent wants? That *their* kids will be open and honest and trust them? And yet, it is *every* parent that the kids hide things from.

If any parent does have a relationship with their children where the kids DO tell them their secrets and wrongdoings and what not, I would so love to hear how it's done. Mine are only 3 and 1 so I figure I've got time - of course they tell all now (or would if they could: ) but what about the future?


Ha! This made me laugh out loud when I read about you peeking in the boy's desk as a girl. My best friend and I spent a lot of time swooning over a certain boy and did nearly the same thing in second grade -- and then a different boy in 3rd, 4th and 5th. I don't know how you keep kids talking to you at that stage, but maybe you can tell me, as the mother of a very handsome boy, what to do when the girls start peeking in his desk? (Hopefully just his desk!)

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