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November 18, 2005



I did the bowl thing once too, not on a snake but a scorpion. And when my husband came to remove the offending perp, there was nothing there and he gave me that "Are you off your meds again?" look. So now I knew there was a scorpion on the loose in the house where before ignorance was bliss!


My cat meowed to come in and without giving him a glance I opened the door. To my horror he had a very large black snake in his mouth. It was not dead,... not even injured. The five kids I was caring for immediately screamed and jumped up on the kitchen table. There was no one else there so I had to be a hero somehow. I ran to the cellarway and got the BBQ tongs, they were long enough to not have to touch it. Well the snake had other ideas. When I grabbed him behind the head and he wrapped his body around my arm. I froze. I ran to the backdoor and prayed he would like being free. No luck.
I managed to pry him loose with my other hand. The kids all cheered.
I didn't take a breath for 5 min.


I had a similar experience. I was terrified. I had to call my Dad, and he actually used a hammer to dispose of the snake. It was a baby copperhead, which is poisonous. It was discovered that there was a whole nest of them under the house. I completely freaked out!

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