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November 22, 2005



oh and check out the local thrift/second hand shops as well, treasures can be found there... (esp this store nearby in Shaffhausen, CH! ;)


Good Luck Diana!

This is what I do propose though, everyone who does have all that extra baby clothes hanging around, donate something that is nice and in good-to perfect condition to the local goodwill. It really does produce a good feeling & what a nice way to pass on some holiday spirit... (In the time since this post I've donated two huge bags to the nearby thrift-store...the one that actually is for the working poor-poor and not outlandishly priced..at all) I think I might just post some kind of challenge in this way on my blog...

& just to illustrate how expensive it is for shipping...i sent a gift pack which consisted of a longsleeve onesie, baby jeans and a small stuffed bear...it cost me 35 francs (more than the present)! so ridiculous! and that was the cheap shipping option...


Well, it was worth a try. I haven't seen anyone else in the blog world willing to give up baby clothes...
Maybe the postal gods will smile upon us some day.
until then, i will continue to pick up a onesie here, a dress there for her baby girls...
and I have heard taht if you get rid of everything you do end up preggo again- so keep a few things!



If I hoped to get pregnant again (at this point of course) then I would have all the more reason to not let anything go! I wish you the best of luck ! you're still young yet...oh and instead of letting go of the hope, just let go of the clothes! lol. that would be murphy's law, wouldn't it...but heck! so worth it!

and Diana,

if I lived in the USA I would by all means send the clothes to you and your friends. alas, I live in Switzerland and the Postal-Gods cost us dearly...I am used to having close friends nearby as well, that's why it all feels so weird...and I haven't met anyone here that would be cool with their babies wearing 2nd hand, even if the clothes are much cuter, it's a pride thing i guess...so in the meantime, I really get on learning how to thread my sewing machine!

oh and two more bags to the goodwill on Saturday! (hmm the pile is still the same though)


I found that I had to make that initial leap and its all been downhill from there. We are a one child family and everything that Kellan outgrows (from clothes to toys) must go. He is forever aquiring new goodies and there simply isn't room to keep the old stuff. I have given a lot of his more special pieces to my sister in hopes of her future family. Otherwise, I simply donate it. And of course keep the odd highly sentimental souvenir.


Hi, constant reader of dotmoms...
I have a friend who just had twin girls, the girls were born premature.
Needless to say having twins is a little harder on the pockets than just one baby. My husband and I have donated our son's carseats (we had gotten two) and swing and are going half/half with another couple on a double stroller for them for X-mas...the thing she lacks the most is clothes.
If you would be interested in donating your clothes, it would be a blessing for them. They don't have any family around and we can only do so much...most of our friends have had boys, they are the first to have girls in our "circle".
Please e-mail me if you would like the info.
Any little bit helps...


It's crazy to keep so much baby stuff and it's crazy to have even accumulated so much baby stuff -- things with the tags still on, things worn once, says she who has no storage in her own closet because of the boxes of outgrown baby stuff. I am not a sentimental keeper, but I can't seem to let go of these baby things. Maybe because it would be admitting to letting go of the hope of having another. I'm nealy 46. Maybe it's time to let go of hope (so I can get pregnant again! -- that seems to be how it happened last time.)

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