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November 24, 2005



I'm thankful for each new day with my family...and that they all have the same sense of humor and can laugh and play with me every day :)


My list is on my blog, too.
Happy Thanksgiving!



1. My husband, someone who loves me unconditionally (most days anyway), is the father of my two children, honestly and truly a great friend to me, and who lets me spend his money on shoes and things I don't need from Target.

2. My son, Ethan, my firstborn, my mini-me, my source for fantastic cuddle sessions and song and dance shows, my inspiration to be a better parent everyday.

3. My son, Colby, my youngest, my husband's mini-me, my fave goofball charmer and future class clown, my sly Cheshire cat with a smile to match.

4. My Mom, because she's my mom and everyone needs to show gratitude to and for their mothers.

5. My Dad, rest his soul, because he's my dad and everyone needs to show gratitude to and for their fathers.

6. My older brother and younger sister because blood is definitely thicker than water. Having siblings has been and continues to be an enriching life experience.

7. My husband's parents. My sons are extremely blessed to have them as their grandparents and from that comes my gratitude.

8. My closest and bestest girlfriends, Beth and Anda. Even though one lives in another state and the other lives several hours away, they are never far from my mind, heart, or the phone.

9. My extended family flung as close as a few states away and as far as the Philippines and Japan.

10. The new friends that we have made and continue to make since we moved to Northeast Florida a year ago.

11. The fact that my basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter are taken care of.

12. "Western Plumbing" - because a neighbor, who is traveling to China to adopt a child, has told me that she may have to use a "squat pot", or simply, a hole in the ground, as a toilet when they reach their child's rural province.

13.Internet and high speed connection. Makes emailing pictures of my sons to far flung relatives and friends so much faster.

14. Hour long, full body massages.

15. Birthdays and the cake that inevitably accompanies them.

16. Things that come in the mail addressed to me, especially when it's my birthday.

17. The latest Anita Shreve book - she's one of my fave authors.
The latest Jennifer Weiner book - she's another of my fave authors.

18. My iPod. An excellent buffer between me and the sounds of sibling rivalry and The Wiggles on a never-ending video loop.

19. My dog, Cosmo, currently keeping me company as I type this.

20. An excellent website that is Dotmoms, to help keep my humor and perspective as I navigate the waters of parenting.


My list is on my blog. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! http://theunrepentantgallivanter.blogspot.com

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