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November 22, 2005



I loved nursing both my kids, especially that snuggling time when they would touch my face and pat my neck with love. I miss it, even though they now prefer chicken nuggets. :)


I'm a regular DotMoms reader and I think this might be my favorite entry ever. It spoke to me. I was surprised at how close to home this hit. My son is 7 1/2 months and I see the end of our time nursing is approaching (slowly). I'm bfar (breastfeeding after reduction surgery. It was so hard for so long I thought I would be happier as we got closer to the end but now I know it's something I'm going to miss terribly. Thanks for putting a lot of my feelings into beautiful words I could never have put together myself!


What a beautiful post, especially the description of you lying on the bed nursing your baby. It made me remember how I wanted to breast feed so badly, but couldn't because of a medication I take for a chronic illness. I really hate that I missed out on that. On several occassions he would try to nurse through my shirt and it made me feel terrible that I couldn't do that for him. (And while I'm on the topic, I really hated it when people/articles would say "if you CHOOSE not to breastfeed" -- because for me at least, it wasn't a lifestyle choice. Lucky you to have had that special experience with your baby.


I just wanted to say kudos to you for nursing past 6 months. You've done a great job and given your little one so much. I nursed my last one until he was 2yrs 1 month 2 weeks and 3 days. :) Yes, I kept count. When I first started I never thought I would make it past 6 months. Then I was definately not doing it past 1 year but it seemed at the one year mark that we finally clicked and our breastfeeding relationship quit being a battle and became a real bonding time. I wouldn't trade it for the world and think it's great that you seem so proud of (in spite of the trapped at times feeling) your accomplishment. Keep up the great work! ;)


That was beautiful. It made me relive the days when nursing my own sweet baby boy. Sometimes I really miss those days.

amy h

Once again, your writing is fabulous! You brought back all those mixed emotions for me and made me long for those quiet moments of bonding again. Thank you for such an eloquent post.

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