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November 08, 2005



I am so sorry... I too lost a baby very early. It's tough. She obviously feels a bond with you since she is able to share both good and bad news with you. My thoughts are with her..


What a heartwrenching moment for you both. My heart goes out to her.


What a picture you paint. So sad, and so universal. Brought my own memories rushing in.

amy h

I really enjoy your writing. Your story of this woman's loss of a child was heartbreaking.


It is these sort of experience that really ties together many cultures...that it is transcendent, regardless. I have had a similar experience here, but in broken German on both parts, and she was Japanese. I hope the best for your friend.

Imperfect Mommy

I've been there... and I think it is even harder in retrospect. At the time of my miscarriage, I was very upset, but the enormity of the lost potential grew a little more each day. It grew to a breaking point, when I ultimately started to realize how crushed I really was.

But the beautiful part was that I remember writing at the time,
"my 'Madeline Grace' decided this wasn't the right body for her but I know she will still come into my life."

And then, in the middle of a very silent night in the maternity ward on December 25th, 2001, she did.


Strong indeed. I hope she has support because God knows, I couldn't deal with losing a child (for whatever reason) alone. My thoughts are with her...

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