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December 04, 2005


alice, uptown

This supports my theory that the more memory our computers have, the less we do. 25 years ago, I had 2 PINs: one for the bank, and one for credit card phone calls, along with my social security number.

Now I have more PINs than I can count, and I just guess which set of passwords will work with any given web site.

I hate "cookies" but without them, I would spend all my time on hold with customer service trying to access various accounts, and I'd probably return to that happy-in-retrospect Luddite stage of the late 1970s.


I just recode people's birthdates. It solves two problems: I remember the passcode, and I remember the person's birthday (or phone number, if the password is long). I just have to keep track of one additional piece of information: just what number did I arbitrarily add to the birthdate to make it something not written down? Eleven? Fourteen? What WAS my brother's birthday, anyway?

Rayne of Terror

i have a little piece of software called roboform and it stores all my passwords for computer related places and fills in the forms for me. it is v nifty. won't help at all for ATM or cell phones.


Wow! There are people at your bank that you can speak to, I mean, that answer the phone and speak and everything? I can't wait until we get that at my bank.


If my bank made me change my password every 6 weeks I would quit that bank. I have too many passwords I have to remember in everyday life--I don't carry cash. I use my ATM and I bank online. I couldn't handle changing those numbers regularly!

Ed Bacchus

I keep up with all my PW's using a program for my Palm called "SplashID." It allows me to carry them around with me and keep copies on my work desk and home pc. Whenever I make a change I just change it in my palm and it gets updated everywhere else.


What a great idea, Melissa!

The other day I found myself automatically entering my ATM pin. Only it wasn't. It was the last four digits of a girlfriend's... husband's... cell phone number.

Aaaahhh! Too many numbers!!!!


I've resorted to just choosing a design on the keypad - this month it might be a backwards L, next month I'll make a square in the lower quadrent - I never remember the numbers.


I use the same password for all my accounts (I add a few exclamation points when longer passwords are required) I then add a number to the end when required to change.

I am not sure if this is breaking any of the rules, but it seems to be working so far.


I can so relate! Especially the part about changing the passwords. I get so upset with the IT nazis at work that I tend to incorporate profanity into the password every time I'm compelled to change it. Strangely enough, this act not only makes me feel less angry about it, I remember it.


Ooo! Yeah! Don't you just hate that? And there are articles and articles about how crucial it is that you obey all those rules, change your password frequently, and never, never, write it down! But they never, never have any suggestions for how to remember all this. Argh!

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