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December 20, 2005



I do the same thing; start to whine when any of my kids do. It usally gets us laughing and it stops. I tell my youngest that I cant hear whining and ignore them until thay talk in a normal tone. Shannon

Robin P

I have used this trick on Lillianna for many years. She is 8 now.
When she starts whining,I say,"You know that if I listen to you whine,I get my turn to whine when you are done." Sometimes it is worth it to her so I let her whine and then I start.

I use the most annoying voice and I whine about everything..."Why do I always have to fold the laundry? I hate working at night....why do I have to work til 11:30pm on Tuesdays? Why do I always have to cook the meals? Why can't you cook?..."

I just make crazy things up too and usually by my third complaint I hear,"Ok,ok,I get it,Mom!!"
Then we both just laugh.

Most times if she starts to whine I say,"Keep in mind that I will get my time to whine after you." She will change her tone of voice instantly and tell me the problem in her regular voice. It's much nicer.
Try it!Let me know if it works.

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