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December 08, 2005



We do the Advent Calendar counting down until Christmas. Plus, we let our daughter open up one special SMALL gift on Christmas Eve. One year, it was Jammies. I like the book idea. :o)


We do all of those things, too. We also do the Advent wreath which we light every night and read our Christmas stories by candlelight. We also make gingerbread houses which we eat on New Year's Day.


I think done myself in, in this area for now my kids (even at just 4 & 6) have expectations :)

Gingerbread houses (love the kits), the annual window decorating of the "Rudolph the Red nose.. " window cling gang and chocolate advent calendars top our list of "must have" family traditions each year :)


We do many of those things, actually.

It's not Christmas if Sabrina doesn't get new jammies--it's the one gift she's allowed to open on Christmas Eve. And this year I caved and did something I said I'd never do: The Ladies will have matching Jammies this year. What can I say? The lure of Baby Gap was just too strong.

OF course we do Book-A-Day here. And of course those books are brought to us by Scholastic.

Christmas Eve we go to the early mass, then come home the long way to see the lights. We bake for Santa and watch one of the Christmas Specials that *really* focusses on the season: The Little Drummer Boy or Nestor the Christmas Donkey or something like that. Then we read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas for the bedtime story.

We tried the Advent Calendar in past years, but Sabrina wasn't too good with the "one/day" concept and I finally found the fight wasn't worth it.

Oh, and with a 7 year old girl in residence, of course multiple viewings of that Christmas Classic, To Granmother's House We Go, is on the agenda. It just wouldn't be Christmas without a daily dose of the Olsen Twins.

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