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December 11, 2005



This is a beautiful piece, Jo. Not only is it well-written, it also inspires me to reflect more on our own traditions and beliefs. Christmas is a time to share - with our families and with others. Thanks for including me in your family's celebration through this article.


Goodness, you have me wanting to rush out and become a homeschooling mom, and I was a p.s. teacher in a former (pre-kids) life! Your writing style is very descriptive and eloquent.


Thanks Robin. Homeschooling is alot of work but it's also alot of fun. It has tested me more than parenting alone ever could have and I love learning right along with the kids.

And hey, naptime is good! ;)

Robin P

What a great post,Jo! I don't think I realized you homeschooled the kids. That sounds too difficult for me.If I homeschooled Lillianna the whole day would be nap time. I'm not a good teacher.

I try to teach Lillianna that the December holidays are all about being together with the people you love, helping others and believing in miracles.

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