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December 13, 2005



I have an envelope of encouraging notes from my days of teaching and I was just commenting the other day about how I needed a "Mama envelope." Why wait for someone to send me notes when I can make my own list like this? Great idea!


I love that last thought "and that I can't possibly deliver the world, but I can keep delivering ME" How true!!!

Robin P

Great post,Angela. I think about these things all the time. They make motherhood so much fun.
Tonight I work until 11:30pm so I left Lillianna a stuffed animal to sleep with. We choose a different one every night. Since I wasn't home at bedtime, I left my choice on her pillow. It's an animal holding a huge Chanukah dreidel. I kind of added my special touch even though I'm not there.

Hope Wilbanks

Very nice, Angela. I think we should all have these lists. Sometimes we forget that it's the little things that they remember.

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