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December 31, 2005



2005 was the year a 12 cm tumour was discovered in the abdomen of my 12 month old daughter. I learned a lot about myself during the monthlong ordeal that followed, and continue to learn as Regan heals from the emotional trauma of her hospitalization. I'm hoping for a 2006 in which nothing at all noteworthy happens.


I am so sorry about the loss of your mother. I can really relate to you. In April my father (and legal guardian, my parents divorced when I was 3) died of cancer at 50 years old. I ignored the obvious sign of pregnancy the following month after a negative test and attributed it to stress. His parents were in and out of the hospital and he was an only child so the stress continued. I kept ignoring things. Well, I realized I was pregnant after quite awhile and October brought the passing of my grandmother and my grandfather ended up in nursing care. This past week brought the birth of my father's namesake and what would have been his first grandchild. I know, however, that he is up there strutting around with his chest puffed out, proud as can be. The year before brought about a lot of loss for us as well, though none as tragic as losing my father. Let's hope this is a much better year for everyone!

Robin P

My dad died in 1987 so he missed my wedding AND the birth of Lillianna. It made me so sad.
Rich's dad held Lillianna one time on a visit to our house while Rich was at work so he never saw it happen. His dad died when Lillianna was 5 weeks old.
It is painful when loved ones miss the things we want to share with them even though we know they are near. It's never the same thing.

I am also hoping that 2006 will be a year of magic and miracles. We could all use a change!
Have a wonderful new year.


Lovely piece! I'm terribly sorry for your losses and very happy that you have arrived at this point in your life! Yes, here's to 2006 and the gift of time, boredom, family and life!

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