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December 19, 2005



I have 2 daughters with birthday's in December. One on the 4th (8years) and one the 14th (2years.

My own birthday is on the 22nd and my Father's birthday is December 1st. Four major birthdays in December is a lot on the pocketbook for anyone who knows us and for each other. Also, my Mom's birthday is 5 days before my Father's at the end of November.

I turn 40 this year and my dad turns 70 so we are going to combine our birthday's into one party.

The only advice I have is to be organized and plan it all in advance.
Less is more at that crazy time of the year.

Please keep in mind that I planned for my children to be born in December because I know it is special to celebrate a birthday in December. There is nothing like it.

It could be stressful or it could be one of the best days ever.
Life's what you make it.


I have two daughter’s born in December. The oldest on the 25th (yes, she is a Christmas baby, and yes I spent Christmas Day 2004 in the hospital) and the youngest on the 5th! Everyone asks "Why 2 in December?", "If you already knew a December birthday is difficult, why have a second on December?" My response to that, “Because that's how it happened!" I am happy to know that I am not alone. I too have struggled with the idea of having one party for both of them in December, but it didn’t happen. This past December, we celebrated Giselle’s 1st birthday with close friends and family. Then the weekend following Christmas Day, we had a huge Angelina Ballerina party for Isabelle’s 3rd birthday. Trying to organize two birthday parties in the same month and do other Christmas activities wore me out. I too have debated if a ½ birthday party in June would be successful. I was planning on giving it a shot this year! How did Sabrina’s “unbirthday” party go? Any ideas from other December Birthday mom’s would be greatly appreciated!


I can't tell you what a relief it is to know there are others trying to work around the Christmas/Birthday issue! I have two boys. Jason was born on December 13, 2000. For four years I agonized over when and how to celebrate his birthday. We've hosted parties every year and dealt with low attendance and the dreaded "combination gift". But we felt better knowing we made an effort to mark his birthday as it's own special event. And then in 2004 my second son, Nicholas (yes, the name was chosen purposely) was born on December 25th! Now what to do! Two children in December - one on Christmas day - did I really expect people to come to 2 birthday parties and buy extra gifts for 2 children? Or should I have one party - like it's not bad enough each boy has to share the spotlight with a major holiday but add in sharing your birthday with your sibling and that opens up a whole new can of worms! So I went with neither of these options. This past December Jason turned five and we had one last "blow out party" for him with friends and family. From now on, he will have small get togethers with his closest friends and a cake with our family. On Christmas Day, we celebrated Nicholas' first birthday by taking time from the regular festivities to sing happy birthday, have cake and open gifts, wrapped in birthday paper of course. The next day I started planning his "half-birthday" party for Saturday, June 24th. It's a BBQ/pool party complete with a rented "bouncy house". The boys are so excited about having a summer birthday party! If all goes well this could easily become our new family tradition and December will be a little less stressful in my house!


Oh how I can identify... my Madeline is born on Christmas day. Although we didn't do the birthday party this year, which I hold major guilt about, I have made a solid effort to wrap birthday presents in birthday paper (and not snowmen or non-descript holiday paper). When I took cupcakes to school, I resisted the urge for red and green sprinkles and went with pink icing and rainbow colored sugar. It is really hard to not fall in the trap! We are contemplating the unbirthday, as well as halloween parties or something else. Short of that, I think I must plan the party in the summer whether it happens then or not!


Today is my daughter's 1st birthday. Yes, a mere 5 days before Christmas. I am stuggling with everything you described. The good news is that if I mess up this year, she probably won't remember. I am liking your "Unbirthday" party idea as she gets older. Thanks for the terrific post.

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