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December 29, 2005



My husband and I bring up this post a lot in the mornings when the 4 yo,3 yo and 20 month old want to help with the eggs.

So true, that truth.


My brother is physically disabled and can't crack an egg the traditional way because of his hands. His method was to crack it against a hard surface and crush the shell in his palm, allowing the egg to escape. It was gross, but it worked!


Other lessons in egg cracking:

You can focus on the aesthetic beauty of an egg, both before and after cracking. I had my niece draw a before and after picture of a cracked egg once upon a time; the before picture was an exercise in shading, and the after picture was an exercise in how to capture such a fluid item.

The physics of cooking and mixing is also very interesting. When making something, each ingredient you add can be very interesting in how it changes the substance you're making. I like to explain what each ingredient does and why I'm adding it. Eggs are usually there to add texture and "foaminess" to recipes, I've found. If you really have time to spare, try cooking a sample of something with no eggs in it to demonstrate the difference.

If you're willing to make a mess, you can also use eggs quite regularly in teaching motor skills... I learned a good deal of balance as a youngster by balancing eggs on various parts of me.

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