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December 21, 2005



What a great post! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful things you and your family do for the holidays.

Next year, I'm coming to YOUR house because I want cocoa and potato latkes too darnit! ;)


I'm so excited to read about your Chanukah/Christmas rituals. Actually I just asked about this phenomenon on The Other Mother yesterday. Thanks so much!


My mom did the orange thing too. But not for me. After the year I wrote Santa and told him I didn't like oranges, I always got an apple.

I use the stockings my mom made for me and my brothers when I was a kid for myself and the Ladies. I still remember her making them and asking my four year old self what christmassy picture I wanted on mine--keeping in mind that Santa, Rudolf, Frosty and a Christmas tree has already been claimed. I totally stymied her by requesting "God" for my symbol. After much thought and negotiation, I ended up with an Angel. Every year Sabrina tries to talk me into trading for hers, and every year I hold tight to this tiny piece of myself.


We do the orange thing, too. My mom always did this -- an orange and an apple!


This is our first Chanukkah with Julia and we decided that each year we will give her a dreidel, so that once she is older she will have her own dreidel collection to celebrate with her own family. AS she is only 4 1/2 months old her first one is a plush dreidel.


Mrs. Claus always gives underwear in our household. We have presents from the elves, reindeer, and sometimes the Grinch. The Grinch gave my husband Santa Claus boxers last year. :)

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