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December 30, 2005



Soooo funny! Thanks for the laugh, Kelly.

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Another goodie is that they can't say it if they can't spell it. Unfortunately, they learn to spell the words quickly if they want to say the words....

Josie's Mom

I really enjoyed your post about the monsters. We live with a lot of them. My oldest, Josie, has many baby monsters. There are the baby monster babies, the baby monster kids, the wiggles and many more or less depending on her mood. And they are still very much part of our lives even though she is now five.

But we only have friendly monsters in the house. The rule is that the bad monsters have to go home to their mommies at dinner time. They are not allowed to stay if they can not behave. Only friendly baby monsters can stay with us.

Josie's Mom
Insights into a child's world


Oh my gosh, that's too funny. Miss P is still learning how to talk and I'm sure she'll have a choice phrase or two to utter some day soon.

Alice H

Tell her she's not allowed to say "Holy sh*t" until she can properly pronounce holy. That might at least make her pause before saying it.

My son insisted on calling mac and cheese "brack and cheese", I have no idea why. After trying to correct him several times with no success, we told him he couldn't have it any more unless he asked for it properly. Straightened him right up.


don't forget the age-old antidote of "monster go away spray"- anything in an aerosol can ...

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