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December 23, 2005


Robin P

Let me make you feel better.
I did the same thing.....when I was 17!! My friend Theresa and I were hanging out at her house. She had naturally curly hair. She was in a Christmas concert at school that night and I told her I could cut her hair for the event. (I don't know why I said that. I had never cut hair in my life."

I started cutting and cutting and cutting. I was in a trance as her big curls fell to the ground. I couldn't stop cutting. Somehow I thought if I fluffed her hair with my hand, all the curls would spring back. OOOOOOPS!
Apparently I had made a mistake.

Her mom totally flipped out when she came home. Theresa looked like a squirrel. We still laugh about it now.

So don't feel bad. At least your daughter is in PRE-school. I was in HIGH school!

Feel better????


It must be going around. *cough*

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