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December 28, 2005



Thank you for discussing this topic! My oldest daughter will be 11 soon and is already dealing with some of these issues. I am a HUGE supporter of teaching kids good organization and study habits, primarily because I did not get any of this from my own parents. Now today as a 40-something adult, I have two careers that require a ton of organization (meeting planner and parent) and I struggle to achieve the level of organization that keeps my head above water most of the time.

I do not want my kids to end up with this same struggle. Both have already started using paper-based and electronic organizers. This does not mean they remember to use them all the time nor does it guarantee that everything will get done as scheduled. However, it is laying the ground work for the future...whatever it may bring.

Robin P

I completely agree with you.
Lillianna is 8 and I check her homework and make sure that she has read for at least 20 minutes every night. I know there are some parents who have no idea if their child even has homework.

When Lillianna is frustrated,I teach her fun ways to do her homework.
It's not easy to be organized but we are constantly helping her to learn good organizational skills. Isn't that on the parenting job description?

The parents that don't guide their children at this age are the same ones who wonder why there 35 year old "child" is still living at home and can't hold down a job. DUH!

Great post!

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