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December 19, 2005


Kathryn Janssen

Margaret: I still need your email address. Please forward it to me @kjgran127@cox.net. Love, Aunt Kathryn

Kathryn Janssen

Margaret: I justgot my cox cable reinstalled today. My new address is kjgran127@cox.net Please send me your writings. I am looking forward to raading them Thanks Aunt Kathryn


LOL- I have a one word answer for all your problems: email.

If you're using a digital camera it's easy. If not, you can have a photo scanned and save your pithy text and seasonal ruminations for the subject line. :)

Karen Rani

Tina - that's hilarious!!!!


One year I got a large envelope of cards from a friend of mine containing the Christmas cards she had planned to send the past five years but didn't get around to sending. It was funny and also kind of cool to see how her kid had grown in five years! She is so disorganized but makes it work for her. Now that is a parenting skill.

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