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January 13, 2006



Yikes. I don't work outside the home but do slip into "that role." That's precisely my problem right these days.


You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. You are working hard to keep your family happy and healthy in other ways, and that is a huge contribution. I do know how you feel though when all you want to do is come home and relax for a bit. What I do is come home, sit down and ask my 4yr old daughter how her day was and after we have rested for about half and hour we play, or go for a walk for about an hour. It's amazing how much that relaxes you. By the time she is in be it's 8:30 and I have time by myself to do what I want...


Great post!!! It does make you stop and think!!

amy h.

Wow, this is a great post! It really made me think of my own situation. Great job!

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