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January 05, 2006



I found your site through some friends and I really like it. And this post, in particular, because I had a lot of people comment that barbie is terrible for their little girls and thankfully American Girl is here to save the day! I like American Girl dolls as well but let's face it -- they are expensive. Little kids don't know how to take care of a $15 barbie and now we expect them to take care of a $100 AG doll? I have a 3yr old girl and 2yr old boy and they play make believe a lot and have a blast. We need to relax a little and let these little kids have fun and not read too much into every move they make. I began writing a blog a month ago in the hopes of getting to know my town a little better and it's helped me get to know a lot of other towns as well. I like your dotmoms site and look forward to reading more ~


They're just toys. Those heads are hard to get back on. It's easier and funner to pretend that they're covered in invisible ink.

Robin P

I'd be a little freaked out by the headless mommy dolls too but what can ya do?
When my sister,Kara, was 4 and I was 16,all her dolls were naked.....ALL of them. Oh,they had lots of clothes but Kara ripped them off and hid them. In desperation,my nana crocheted sweaters,pants and hats for all the dolls but Kara wouldn't dress then in them. I would dress them when she wasn't home but she would undress them when she saw what I had done.
Kara is now 31 and she is a healthy,happy,loving and caring woman. As a child,she enjoyed having naked dolls......oh well. That's the way it goes sometimes.
Good luck!

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