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January 17, 2006



Gosh, I promised my baby would have a television free childhood. We don't have a television. Then my husband got the stomach flu in our tiny apartment and I needed to keep her away from the bucket (ew, sorry) and so I got a DVD and it was way, way, way downhill from there. Way downhill. I enjoyed reading this and I want it to make me feel OK about my descent in the abyss of Blue's Clues. I just felt more guilty because I think you tried harder.


Another Little Bear lover here.


I just love to see the sweet, sweet, expression on my four year old's face when he watches Little Bear. It actually hurts because I know this stage is all too quickly passing (his dad has introduced comic books) but my little boy still seems little when he watches Little Bear.


Little Bear had the same effect on my son. I love Little Bear.


When my oldest (Julie- now 13) was little and into movies, I started buying all the disney movies that I could. I think we have four cubboards of disney movies. At that time she was into Sesame Street, and I know what you mean, thinking that your being a bad parent letting your child watch the television. But I have found (now mother of 4, youngest one year) that its nice to get a little break from the mommyhood. You never know, a lot of the time, I catch myself stopping and sitting with the kids and watching the shows myself.


My 2 year old twins love little bear too. It seems like one of the nicest kids show on, so I let them watch it.

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