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January 21, 2006



I just wish my 9 mo. old would stop finding the only small piece of something (paper/leaf/etc.) left after the daily vacuum. It is like she has a homing signal for that sort of thing.

Imperfect Mommy

Sure she's not allergic to tree nuts?


Just this evening I experienced a little earthquake. After bathing my two girls, 17 mos. amd 9 mos., I was putting a diaper on the oldest. We were on the floor right beside the changing table. I had just finished putting a diaper on the youngest and she was contently looking at a toy, so I left her on the changing table knowing that I would be right beside it. Nothing can happen with me so close, right? I heard the toy fall and thought to myself "I bet she's going to go after that toy." I looked up as she was falling off the table-- head first! I caught her midair. I thanked God over and over for the rest of the eveing. My stupidity sometimes astounds me! What was I thinking leaving a curious baby on a changing table alone. Hello!


I have yet to run into near misses with my 3 year old. We've been lucky with her.

My newborn, however, got RSV and almost quit breathing completely. After several hours in ER and then several days in the hospital, she was just like new!

Beast Mom

I'm amazed most children come out of the womb healthy, live beyond the years where they run out into car-infested parking lots, and then survive adolescence and all its hazards. (I'm especially amazed that any boys live past 18.)

My son has been lost while "exploring" Home Depot, been "traveling" the neighborhood while I search for him in tears, and on the first day of 1st grade, decided to take a different school bus home, going who knows where, just because his friend got on it. He's adventurous, not bad. These are all thing I never spelled out for him NOT to do, so he figured, why not? Little does he know, but he's shortening my mommy life. :)

I guess every mom faces these kinds of moments that give her a near heart attack. It's easy to look back and feel ok, even laugh at some of these moments, but in the heat of them, man is it unnerving!

-Beast Mom

amy h.

Choking moments (latest on a fruit chew in her carseat while I was driving), running out into traffic, slipping under the water while bathing, and probably others that I'm unaware of. Each of them stopped my heart and each of them made me wonder about her "guardian angel" who is apparently my second set of eyes. Nice post.

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