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January 24, 2006



Actually I don't think it's condescending or exclusive at all. The entire peace was written in fun so I wasn't looking to include or exclude any group or person. I tossed in grumpy husbands because I myself have one but I also spent 8 years as a single mother and honestly I personally would have just read over that part. I'm sorry it seems to be the one thing you chose to single in on.

Husbands is just a generalization. I'm sure that special power also works on significant others, partners, male friends, female friends, dogs, cats, and even the pet hamster. I have to keep my write to around 300 words though so obviously I'm not going to be able to fit in every PC term out there. I wasn't looking to try for political correctness only trying to point out how special moms are. So enjoy what parts you can and leave the rest is all I can offer. I'm not sure if that's any help or not and I'm sorry but again, I wasn't looking to include or exclude anyone. Same goes for feeling that I "lump" my husband into the same relationship as my children. That view just honestly blew me away. I was again only trying to include the husband/partner/whatever. I'm sorry but you seriously read way too much into the post and in a way that I really can't help you with because there's just no way I would have thought that way even as a single mommy. So because I included "husband" in the same breath as my children and choose to believe that one kiss works on a variety of things I am lumping them into the same relationship? Sounds a little obsurd I'm sorry. If you would like to use your singlemommy power on other women's husbands though I suppose you can. Just make sure you have super fast running mommy legs for afterward though. ;) Again, sorry if you read more into it it than there actually was.

Ms Sisyphus

It really is a cute post, and I'd certainly enjoy having some of those extra powers. I also worshipped WW as a child.

But I have to ask, why did you include "husbands" in your SuperMommy powers? Why would you lump your relationship with your spouse into the same category as your relationship with your children? Plus, in doing so, you seem to promote one rigid construct of motherhood, and one only. Mommy's *must* have husbands, because in the superhero manual it says their powers work on them too. (Unless my singlemommy superkiss power is intended to charm other women's grumpy husbands?) It's a little condescending and exclusionary.

Wicked Stepmom

I have Tractor Beam Arms whose powers help me in two ways:

(1) my 3 y/o son is instantly drawn in to hug me whenever I open my arms; any time, any place.

(2) I can magically suspend a sleeping 8 week old on my shoulder while I type this comment. :)


I'd like to be able to freeze everyone in their tracks so I can take a nap.

Robin P

Great post,Jo. It made me laugh but it is so true.

Lillianna has always believed my chicken soup to be filled with the power to heal her when she is sick.Since it has always worked, I guess she is right.

I agree with Amy on wanting the power to wiggle my nose and have the whole house cleaned.

I am always amazed how much just one kiss will put Lillianna in a better mood. Mommy kisses and hugs are the most powerful things in the world!

Dana Glover

I have that great Mommy power of "Reading Minds" (only works on children, rendered completely useless on my husband). It has been especially lifesaving with 2 boys who believe that they have superpowers of "flying", "invisibility", and "supernatural strength".

amy h.

I wish I had the "Bewitched" talent of twitching my nose and the house cleaning itself! I REALLY wish I had that one!

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