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January 20, 2006


Stephanie France

Hopefully Meredith will see this! I noticed that you conducted an interview with Amy Scheibe, author of "What Do You Do All Day?"

Our organization a nonprofit organization located in Rockville, MD(www.folmc.org)that fundraises for the Montgomery County Government. Several times during the year, we sponsor author dicussions and we are interested in possibly having Mrs. Scheibe speak at one of these events. I wanted to know if you had contact information for Mrs. Scheibe or if you could forward my contact information to her to see if she would be interested. Thank you for our assistance!


I too am doing the single parent thing, and it's not as terrible as you might think. I do have my parents nearby (Thank goodness), and with the kids at school during the day (Thank God for school is right, Meredith!!), I have time to rest and watch tivo (gotta love that technology). And I finally installed the mypeople phone my sister gave me for Christmas and can (just in case) forward any calls from the school to my ex-husband.


Fabulous post Meredith! What a great husband!


I concur that I don't know how single parents do it. But, my husband, wonderful man tho he is, falls down horribly in this area. If I'm sick (which fortunately happens very rarely), the house falls apart, the kids eat pizza and I pull the car over to throw up taking the kids places - not to mention laundry... Sigh - he tries - but really has no clue...


jeeze, I really hope you're all feeling better now. I keep hearing about this horrendous stomach thing, and it's too scary.


Wow, I give a great big pat on the back to your husband. That is what they should do, step in when needed. And it sounds like you've got a winner there. Great job Mr. Husband.

amy h.

GREAT post!!! We've had a similar situation around here...our husbands must have had similar husbandly instruction :) I have had the same thought about single parents...hardest job around by far. Thanks for your great writing!

Liz Rhoades

I have no idea how single parents do it. Forget sick days, what about mental health days? God bless 'em.


hi meredith.. great great GREAT posting! i love your family! :) your husband seems a prince, and your heart-warming post has only reconfirmed my being glad as can be that i haven't 'settled' ! may God keep you all for one another!

Angela Giles Klocke

I've done the parenting without a partner thing, and I once ended up in the hospital for 11 days. It was the most stressful 11 days of my life as I had to watch my mother - who never properly cared for me - take care of my kids. I am remarried now and it is such a blessing!

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