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February 23, 2006


Larry Pontius

Heck, you're not "Almost Famous." You've made it, babe!


Vacation Mamma

So lets remember to rock this crowded boat ladies!

It does get easier as the children age, that I know for sure. The problem is will we have any femininity left when we find it in the drawer wadded up under the practical panties and sports bras?!

More sponteneity and saying yes to friends this year makes me a happier, more pleasant spouse and mom. It's what the parenting gurus always said, but that we mortals find nearly impossible in the first dozen years or so.

My personal accomplishments this year include a few massages, book club, a filming of a TV show with 2 girlfriends, and actually saying yes to become a permanent member of the bunco group where I've subbed for nearly a decade.

Now if I could only cram my post birth feet into those stillettos...and my rear end into...well I'll settle for the shoes...


Hmmm.... perhaps that's why I make sure I have earrings on - 2 or 3 pairs - and at least 2 bracelets on when I walk out the door ... in my sweatshirt and sweatpants ...

Night out, anyone?

Christine Louise Hohlbaum

I felt I had to answer Karin's question, because it was a great one. For any of you out there asking the same question, here's my answer:

How do you have some serious fun? Do what makes you really, really happy!
Is it going to a water fun park with the girls? Or sniffing Yankee Candles until temporary blindness sets in? Well, do it, by golly!

I visited your chaotichome blog. Yup. I know what you mean. Flybaby versus soaring eagle. Which will it be? The answer lies within you.


Okay, you've really hit home for me with this post. Thank you for putting to words what you were feeling, AND for just going out and having serious fun! Motivating. Now, how do I do that???? :)


Christine, what a fabulous piece. And what a great opportunity to get to meet Deep Purple!

I know I don't get enough of just being able to be a woman, me, alone, by myself or with my woman friends. And it's essential for us to do this to keep us breathing and feeling human. You go woman!


What I relish about these opportunities is that the femininity I feel is more for me than for anybody else. I have no desire to be adored (I get enough of that at home), I just like the feeling of walking tall without a diaper bag or Baby Bjorn strapped on me.

The badge of motherhood should automatically conote uber femininity, but unfortunately the trappings (Baby Bjorns, ugly nursing shirts) and work (fetching endless cups of juice) of motherhood tend to overshadow the sexiness inherent in the calling.


I blogged this too. Only when I traded in the momass sweats for hotmama jeans I *still* ended up with a lollipop on my ass.

Monster Mama

I SO SO SO know what you mean! I blogged about something similar (*see my blog, MIA-my former self). It's sad, but true. And the scary thing is that this is a VERY crowded boat. Take comfort in knowing you are in very good company!

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