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February 08, 2006


Robin P

If I had been in your shoes,I'd probably be in jail right now.
Good for you!

My niece,who is Lillianna's age,came to visit us 2 years ago. She was so rude that I didn't know what to do. I spoke in slow angry tones to her because I couldn't help myself. Lillianna whispered in my ear and asked why I didn't like her cousin. I couldn't say "Because she is a rude,obnoxious brat!!!!" but that was the truth.
Thank goodness Lillianna is only friends with nice girls now. It's much easier on me.


I have to wonder, why do we do this? I've been guilty of it in the past too, of making excuses rather than just honestly saying, "No. I do not want your child over at my house." I'm not even saying go whole hog and give the specifics of "why." Why are we so innured in the culture of nice that we'll disrupt our entire routine, or allow a little monster to destroy our home, rather than engage in a moment of uncomfortable honesty?

monster mama

OH MY! I had to laugh at this post! My neighbors grandkids come over from time to time-they usually find their way to our house where they pour bubbles all over my porch, rough up my son, and destroy my yard. It gets my goat that these children are so incredibly out of control and the parents don't seem to do anything about it. I make up places that we have to go when I see that they are around. I sprint for the car with babe on my hip and Peyton trailing behind singing that he "doesn't want to goooooo!"-I'll even bribe him with goodies....how bad is that?


You did GREAT! We've just moved to a new area, and I've been looking for good friends for my Sean. Good, calm, sharing friends. I think we found one! He's so cool! Then yesterday one of the Wild Ones asked if he could come over after school. Fortunately it wasn't good timing for either parent, but I know the time will come when I don't have an excuse... Ugh!


Gah, this one really spoke to me. Sabrina used to have a little friend who broke something--usually something expensive and/or precious--every single time he visited. He refused to eat what was put in front of him, even when he had been consulted as to what that would be. Jumped on our furniture. The last straw was when, after scattering literally every toy my daughter owns (and she pretty owns a Toys R Us) across our small apartment, he looked me dead in the eye and with utter seriousness told me "Tidying is NOT my favourite thing." I looked back, told him rude little boys are not my favourite thing and then delivered him home, an hour early.

My philosophy? If I won't tolerate it from my child, I sure as hell am not going to tolerate that behaviour from anyone else's.


Playdates are so overrated. Do children really really need social skills more than I need sanity? Of course not. THe words, "He can come over to my house while you go shopping?" Those are words that never ever escape my mouth! Sounds like you handled him well!

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