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February 27, 2006



I have a slightly different take: I am a person who needs alone time to function. It was one of my biggest worries about becoming a parent, and while I love my son dearly, and cannot really wrap my head around the idea that there will come a day when I will not know every little thing he does, sees, eats, I still struggle with ways to steal time. Time to write. Time to think. Time to stare at a scar on my knee and try and remember how it got there.

I do miss my husband when he is away on the occasional trip, but admit I also have this big sense of relief--"Aaaaahhh. House to Myself Time."

It is interesting when you are able to step off your own everyday life and think about what your future may hold. Your friend's situation seems to have given you a new sense of appreciation for what you have now, and just maybe the beginnings of the courage you'll need when someday, some part(s) of it, inevitably will change. A visit from the voice that grabs you and shouts "Remember everything you can about this moment."


This is my first time here and what a wonderful post. I thought it was a nice reminder to enjoy the small moments of life.


What a lovely post, Margaret! With a 19 month old and a 4 year old, I am rarely alone as well. And while I do savor my 'alone' time (when I can get it), I can't imagine my life without all the 'I need Mommy' moments.

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