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February 14, 2006


jennifer G.

wow...you were able to write down exactly how i have been feeling! I am also a new mom of an almost 9 month old boy. It is reasuring to know that others feel the same as I do...thanks!


I remember reaching that point, too. With three boys now, each so very different, I've stopped reading the books. Mistakes build character, and your children learn by watching you that it's okay to make those mistakes. How to learn from them.

Great post, helped me off to a better start this morning. Thank you!


Fabulous post Lana. Mistakes are necessary for both mother and child. For they teach us the lessons of life and that it is human to make mistakes, and human to grow from them.

amy h.

What a beautiful post. I could relate to it so much when my son was the same age as yours...and possibly even more now that I have a second. Trusting your instincts is something that doesn't seem to come until after about a year of having a child---how I wish it could have come sooner, but I guess that's the year of abundant growth for the mom as well.

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