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February 28, 2006



That was funny, thanks!
You should get this little book, called "confessions of a slacker mom", I sat at barnes and noble laughing so hard.
I bought it for my friend who is the "gotta get my kid in everything, and they ARE the best",
mom....and she didn't laugh,
hmmm why not?
I actually am a mom that had her kid pretty busy because she really IS talented! tee hee.
but is with her being hostaged IN her events, because I am a coach, and teacher...
another words, I dont' have a life...
but I love my kid....keep up the good work.


I think those two girls are the luckiest around. Way cool, Mom!

ann adams

The girls love the figure skaters in the winter and gymnastics in the summer.

We didn't watch as much this time around but they watch many of the championships and can recognize some of the skaters by sight.

Found you didn't I.


My boys took to the biathlon and spent Saturday afternoon putting plastic baseball bats down the backs of their shirts for their rifles and "skiing" around our snow free back yard, pulling out their "rifles" and shooting at imaginary targets and skiing again. Oldest brother always got the gold (except when he let younger brother win) and little sister got the bronze...

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