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February 24, 2006


Sister to a Barney-aholic

If anyone still has these magical Seaseme Street Bandaids, or Barney for that matter, would you please contact me? Sadly, Target changes their varieties while my brother's preferences remain the same. Thank you!


I have also discovered the magical healing powers of bandaids. However, ours must be Sesame Street bandaids. No others will do. And ours only stay on for a matter of minutes before they are stuck to the wall, the floor, a toy, etc. Its quite funny that so many toddlers go through this odd fascination with bandaids.

Robin P

Did you ever see the movie,LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS when Seymour has to prick his fingers every day to feed his plant blood? He had band aids on every finger. Well,that's Lillianna.

I think she thinks band aids are a kind of jewelry! "The Shrek band aid goes great with these jeans!"

She can't think straight if the box is empty. I just bought another box yesterday of FAIRLY ODD PARENTS band aids. I like to enjoy them too.


Regan has also embraced the magical healing powers of the bandaid, or, in her words, "boo boo stick."

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