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February 20, 2006



We're in the "party season" currently - typically my daughter is invited to 2-3 birthdays a month from January through about April. Of course, it's during tax season when my accountant husband is working on Saturdays. I've always had a slight disdain for kids parties - the chaos, the noise, the struggle to have an adult conversation while wrangling 10 toddlers. But it's better this year now that the kids are mostly older. And it's a good distraction in the cold winter months.


My 5yo seems oblivious to all the invites that appear in his "parent pouch" at daycare, so unless it's an invitation from one of his close friends at preschool, I just ignore these mega-warehouse invites. So far, not a problem. And we just finished hosting his at-home party, with 8 friends, which went great and all the parents loved it.

Monster Mama

OHHHHHH...the agony! We are just now truly entering the party cicuit. Peyton turned 5 in December and although we have hosted 3 parties (all at our house)-I dread where we will be going once the invites start pouring in. The one GREAT thing in my favor is that we live in a small town-so the scariest a party can get around here is the small movie theater/bowling alley-or maybe Pizza Hut.......until then hon, hang onto those shaky lil arms and scream WHEE! when going down the giant plastic slide-because much like you I refuse to do the drop off.....too many bugs and too few eyes to watch them all!

The Beast Mom

So true about children's party venues! I relate to all of this piece of writing. I have yet to host my childrens' parties anywhere but home for many of the reasons you wrote about. Home is more clean up for mom, but it's so much better in all other ways. I hope I can avoid the Chuck E. Cheese/Pump It Up circuit for as long as possible!
-The Beast Mom

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